Jason Heyward is the KING of March Madness


Thumbnail image for heyward.jpgWith all the hype surrounding his prospect status and his spring training play, it would be easy for Atlanta Brave phenom OF Jason Heyward to get overly confident and carried away.

By all accounts, Heyward has remained humble and unassuming and has not taken his opportunity to make the big league club for granted. 

But with March Madness and NCAA bracket pools around the corner, Heyward may be showing his cockier more confident side!

“I am the King of March Madness”, Heyward was rumoured to be shouting up and down the clubhouse. “Chipper may know the strike zone but I know my brackets.”

Heyward has apparently won every March Madness pool he has ever entered, including 1992 when, at the age of three, he called the 6th seed Michigan as a finalist.

He called both 8th seeds Wisconsin and North Carolina for the Final Four in 2000 and in 2008 he broke with his underdog strategy to pick an all number one seed Final Four.

“I love March Madness”, said Heyward, ” I just love it”. 

Heyward’s pick this year : East Tennessee State.



I don’t know much about NCAA basketball, but I’m looking forward to seeing Heyward in action. I was bummed when the Yanks-Braves game got rained out the other day.


Weglarz certainly has the potential and has some of the best power in the Indians’ organization. He also has a good eye at the plate. He was 0-2 with an RBI and a walk. (He got hit in the forearm. He’s okay though.) Talk about potential! Heyward!

Screw baseball, he should be an analyst! Kidding… he’s too fun to follow on twitter.

If he’s that accurate, I need to dip into my 401K.

East Tennessee State ha? Ok, I’ll keep that in mind when i fill out my brackets. I am a hit and miss with this but I playing, it makes the games more interesting, not to mention bragging rights.

Jason Heyward must not have seen West Virginia’s Big East Tourney run. WVU is the pick this year. Lets GO Mountaineers!

East Tennessee State over Kentucky???? NO WAY not this year haha

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