Minka Kelly to Wear Pinstriped Wedding Gown

Derek Jeter and his rumored wife-to-be, Minka Kelly, have not reported any further details regarding their rumored wedding or rumored engagement. More details to follow…..


I spoke to someone today who said it was Jeter’s sister who’s getting married this fall. My friend saw her big engagement ring, so I don’t think Derek and Minka are headed down the aisle any time soon.


I heard about Jeter with this girl like a year ago on Planet Mikey (WEEI). I figued it wasn’t true, though… Interesting, keep updating this.

Someone light the Bat-Signal! Jeter needs our help.
BTB mike

Jeter you are too gorgeous to walk down the aisle with this nobody. I can’t even begin to understand how you are dating her. You belong with a Victoria Secret Model. I think you and Adriana Lima would look great together.

not very kind comments… still, i like this girl. BUT it is not my or your business!

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